Beginnings of a Silverlight Map Drawing Toolset

January 9, 2012

Added a point, road/polyline, and area/polygon drawing toolset.  All items have handles which can be selected and dragged, similar to ArcGis, only less sophistated.  Dropdown box allows picking of named points (lets call them cities).  Selecting a city, centers the map to the appropraite point/city. Roads are drawn when zoomed, but are collapsed (not-visible) when zoomed out.  Have a […]


Faerun Tile Maps in Silverlight

January 6, 2012

I dabbled a bit in Silverlight this week and stumbled across a prototype of a custom map control that uses OpenStreetMap tile servers. For some reason MapTool came to mind and I threw together a Faerun Tile Server. The results are surprisingly good for 3 hours worth of work. The Earth tile servers have up […]